Blooming El



This morning I woke up about 30 seconds before my alarm went off, if I can't teleport or read people's minds by the end of the day then I'll be very disappointed.

I'm terribly sorry for missing out on last week's #wonderfulwednesday, I felt a little all over the place and kind of forgot about it (oops). I'm back this week and feel that counting those little happy things will do me the world of good.

Shall we?

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This little tube of goodness has been soothing my itchy ankles and making my allergic reaction to fabric plasters just that little bit more bearable.

Reading, reading, and more reading

I've been banging on about my reading progress a lot but I can't help it, I'm just so damn happy and feel like I've actually accomplished something! I'm on book numéro seven of 2018 and am quickly (and proudly) smashing my to-read list.

Paying off my credit card


I maxed out my credit card last year (it was in the thousands) and have spent the last 12ish months paying it off. Its been tough, there were most definitely tears, but it's no longer a worry for me. I can now concentrate on saving for mine and G's own humble abode and ah, I just...its just fab.

Even eyeliner

I say even but I suppose the more accurate description would be 'semi-even', or 'deceptively even'. I don't wear eyeliner a lot because one eye always goes brilliantly and the other ends up a total disaster.

However, this weekend I achieved an even-ish look on both eyes and well, it made my weekend. It was probably a one off and I haven't tried to recreate it but at least I know it is achievable!

Receiving a #BlogosphereAwards vote

I actually received two votes and I'm so bloomin' grateful for them. I know it's a small number in comparison to what other bloggers may be receiving but it's really lovely to know that people DO read this little space of mine and even want to vote for it! 

That's all from me this week but the #wonderfulwednesday lists don't stop there! Check out the rest of the wonder women's* lists for an extra dose of wonderfulness and if you fancy joining in yourself, share your little moments with us on Twitter.

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