Blooming El



It's not even half past five and I'm already in my pyjamas with a green tea on the go and the new episode of Made in Chelsea on the box. I'd say that's a pretty good end to the working day and a fabulous start to my Tuesday evening, wouldn't you? All I need now is some fluffy socks...oh no wait, I've got them too! 

How is your week going so far? Has it been jam packed with wonderful little things or do you need a little pick me up? I can't offer you cake or a round the world trip but I can offer a list of happy little moments from my week so far, if they cheered me up, they might cheer you up too. Who knows? 

Let's get on with it! 

wonderful wednesday blooming el

Sausages smothered in gravy 

Did that get your mouth watering like it did mine? 

I did plan on having a fishcake for dinner on Monday but I saw the sausages and knew that I had to have them, smothered in gravy with boiled potatoes, carrot and swede and a handful of broccoli. YUM. 

Cosy evenings 

G resting his head on me, us both laying in the dark and listening to the radio. Probably one of my most favourite evenings to date. 

The pouring rain 

Myself and my Mum were casually minding our own business on Sunday night, watching the final of Dancing on Ice when all of sudden it (excuse my language) started pissing it down. I love the sound of rain and I love how fresh and clean everything feels after. 

Perfect timing 

When you finish the washing up just as the cooker whirs to let you know it's ready, you pop your chicken in the oven, check the time and it's bang on six o'clock. Don't you just love it when everything works together and all at the right time?

Well that was bloomin' marvellous! Don't forget to check what's been making the rest of the wonder women* jump for joy so far this week. If you fancy joining in yourself, share your #wonderfulwednesday moments with us on Twitter!