Blooming El



It's officially spring, hip hip hooray! I just hope that it starts to get a little warmer. It felt like summer on Friday then BAM, we were back to freezing cold temperatures and snow. I walked to town at the weekend and my poor hands were like ice by the time I got home (this silly mare forget to wear gloves) but hopefully this weekend is a little nicer!

Shall we get on with the mighty ol' wonderful?

wonderful wednesday blooming el

Old photos

My laptop is full of old travel photos and I really enjoyed flicking through them at the weekend. I decided that I should share more of my old photos (like the one up there!) because even though they're not 'current', they're still good photos - well I think they are (ha!) - and deserve to be shared with the world. 

Gravy bowl

A heap of roast potatoes, yorkshire puddings, and vegetables piled high with lashings of gravy. I JUST LOVE GRAVY. 

Tiger balm

I swear by white tiger balm for headaches, that stuff works like a treat. However, G recently introduced me to the red version which is a little stronger and is totally healing my poorly thumb (or at least making the pain disappear which is nice). I'm not sure what I've done to it but it feels bruised and the red tiger balm has been my little saviour. 

Sleeping in

I had the BEST sleep in (is that a thing? I'm making it a thing) on Saturday. We actually closed the blinds and curtains for once and I slept till 8.10am. TEN PAST EIGHT - a dreamy miracle!

Seeing G laugh

We went to see Game Night recently which isn't really G's type of film - or so I thought! Seeing G actually laugh at a film was brilliant (he's hard to please comically). The film is fab and I urge you all to see it. 

Jane the Virgin 

I've started watching this show again and am loving every damn second. My family can't understand why I love it so much but it's just WONDERFUL. It's funny, romantic, heartbreaking, and a little crazy, plus the narrator is top notch. 

That's all for this week! Wow, those little moments just kept coming and coming - my favourite kind of wonderful wednesday to write. However, it's not just me that counts those little moments, there's a whole team of wonder women* out there and you should definitely check them out. If you fancy joining in yourself, share your #wonderfulwednesday moments with us on Twitter!