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Clouds smother the bare city walls, a misshapen tower leans at its core. Tourists hold empty ice cream cones and contort their bodies for the perfect shot. Shaking heads and 'no thank you''s greet the abundance of street vendors. Restaurant hosts stand proud with a menu in hand, inviting passers-by to seek shelter from the rain. 

leaning tower behind tree pisa

leaning tower of pisa

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tourist spots in pisa italy

sightseeing in pisa italy

pisa cathedral and baptistery italy

Pisa is quite a small city and there's not much to see there, apart from the obvious! However, it acted as a perfect base to explore Cinque Terre. I would recommend going just to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa but you wouldn't need more than a day. 


Where we stayed

Very close to the train station, perfect if you plan on exploring more of Italy via train.

Where we ate

Fantastic pizza and pasta close to the leaning tower. Superb host, very friendly and welcoming. 

Very Instagrammable breakfast spot! Pancakes are delicious and although I didn't try any, their cakes looked amazing! 

La Lupa Ghiotta
Ideal dinner spot close to the train station. Tasty food, friendly service, and perfect if you want to watch the football!

Have you ever been to Pisa? What did you think of it?