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Venice was the final stop on our Italian adventure and the destination that had originally sparked the idea of the trip. I'd always wanted to visit Venice, a city of canals and gondolas. They say save the best till last, well I think we did.

We spent our first night in Mestre and even though I was so tired, we made it to McDonald's for dinner before returning to our hotel to rest. As much as I love visiting new places and exploring different corners of the world, travelling is hard work and it does take it out of you. After exploring Pisa and Florence, we needed to recuperate and luckily, we had three days to explore Venice so could afford to chill out for an evening. 

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We woke the next day, ready to explore our new destination. We decided to take a tour around some of the different islands, we opted for the Murano, Burano and Torcello tour which was only 20 euros each and included a live blowing glass demonstration. 

Burano was definitely my favourite island, the colourful houses and calm atmosphere was just so BEAUTIFUL. I could've stayed there forever! I didn't really see the point in visiting Torcello and would've much rather had been able to spend more time in Burano but overall, the tour was lovely and the blowing glass demonstration was amazing!

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On our second day, we hopped back on the tram to hunt down a gondola, take a peek at the Rialto Bridge, and indulge in the best crêpes in Venice.

I really enjoyed exploring Venice, it is a beautiful place and despite the rumours, it doesn't actually smell! Out of the whole of our Italian adventure, I'd say Venice (well Burano) was my favourite destination, with Florence very close behind.

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Where we stayed

This hotel is located in Mestre, approximately a 15 minute tram ride to the centre of Venice. You can buy your travel tickets from the Hotel reception which makes things a lot easier! There's not much surrounding the hotel but there is a supermarket and a McDonald's about a twenty minute walk away. The hotel itself is comfortable, modern, and offers a good continental breakfast. If you want to save money and don't mind a little bit of travel, I'd definitely recommend this hotel.

Where we ate

Quanto Basta
A self-serve restaurant in the heart of Venice that doesn't break the bank! An ideal spot if you want something quick and tasty.

This creperie is small, there is no seating, and you may have to wait a while as it does get very busy but it'll all be worth it when you take the first bite of your crêpe.

The Fox
If you plan on staying at the Elite Hotel Residence in Mestre and don't fancy heading in to the centre of Venice for dinner, the on site restaurant is pretty decent.

Have you ever been to Venice? What did you think of it? Are there any other parts of Italy you'd like to explore?