Blooming El



Hip hip hooray, it's the first #WonderfulWednesday of May! Yep, that's right. IT'S MAY GUYS. THIS IS NO JOKE. WE'RE NEARLY HALF WAY THROUGH 2018 ALREADY, EEK. 

It'll be the big C soon! Quick, let's get through the list...

practising gratitude

Phone calls

One of my best pals Christine phoned me last week and the short but sweet phone call was just what I needed. I miss the days when you'd spend the whole school day with your friends then return home and have a four hour telephone conversation about anything and everything. 

Comfy and casual at the cinema

Me and G are now Unlimited Card holders, woop woop! On Monday night we went to see A Quiet Place (very good, would highly recommend) and I ditched the high waisted jeans for a pair of joggers and it was probably one of the best decisions I've made so far this week. 

A few years ago, I wouldn't be seen dead walking around the streets in a pair of joggers but well, LOOK AT ME NOW...sitting in a dark room in my comfies. 


Sometimes, you love a show so much that you just want to watch it all over again, right from the beginning. That's what I did, or rather have started to do, with Misfits. I'm only three episodes into season one but I'm loving it (again). I can't wait to hear those words all over again...CHICKEN NUGGETS. 

A home cooked breakfast

On Sunday, me and my brother went to my Dad's for a grill up. I go out for breakfast quite a lot and I think it's probably my favourite meal of the day. Hash browns, cooked tomatoes, scrambled egg, we had the works and it was delish. 

G's t-shirt

It's no secret that I LOVE pyjamas - cuffed bottoms, floral patterns, comfy shorts and vest set, pyjamas for Christmas, pyjamas for the summer, if it's in the nightwear section then I'm having it. 

However, sometimes all you need is one of your partner's old t-shirts. I nabbed one of G's old light blue t-shirts for bed, it's so comfy and even though it's for bed, I think the colour really suits me (ha!).

Family achievements 

My Brother took part in a Masterchef style-y competition on Monday and he only went and bloody won didn't he! As much as he annoys me, he's a pretty good chef and I'm very proud of him. Well done Spam!

Finito! My little list of lovely has come to an end BUT there's a whole pack of us* out there so don't forget to check what's been making their hearts flutter so far this week. If you fancy joining in yourself, share your #wonderfulwednesday moments with us on Twitter! G'on, I dare ya.