Blooming El



I'm having one of those mornings where I'm struggling to open my eyes. I'm not sure why, maybe I'm playing catch up. I did stay up quite late watching Misfits on Sunday, woops.

Or perhaps its this gorgeous weather we're having that's making me a sleepy mess, who knows?! I think today is our last day of warm, sunny weather, it looks like the temperature is downhill from here. Better soak it all up whilst we can!

Anyway, shall we get to it?

wonderful wednesday blooming el

Visiting friends

I visited one of my best friends in London at the weekend and it was lovely. We had a wander round Camden Market, ate delicious food, and sat soaking up the sun in a little park area. I braved the tube by myself and now I know how easy the journey is, I may be making it more frequently!

A spontaneous BBQ

BBQ's and glorious weather are just the perfect match, aren't they? My Mum isn't a big fan of them but her partner managed to persuade her to have one. It was just the three of us but a cheeseburger from the barbie was just what I needed.

Sunny afternoons

I really am loving the weather this week. I'm still an Autumn/Winter girl but we don't see weather like this in the UK very often, so you have to make the most of it.

Monday and Tuesday afternoon were spent soaking up the sun at my local lakes. I wrote some blog posts the old fashioned way and read some of my book, it was nice to just be by myself for an hour or so and get those creative juices flowing (well, at least try to).

Never Enough

Me and G finally saw The Greatest Showman and I am OBSESSED with Never Enough by Loren Allred. I think it's probably my favourite song from the soundtrack.

A mini spring clean

I found some time over the weekend to clear out a few things in my bedroom. I've got two bags ready for the charity shop and I've re-organised my dresser.

I was going to clean out my closet, it's full of boxes with items for when we get our own place, but I took one look at it and wanted to cry so I left it and ate a doughnut instead.

Well, that's me done for another week! As always, the wonderful lists don't stop there - go and see what's been making the rest of the crew* happy this week and if you want to join in yourself, share your #wonderfulwednesday moments with us on Twitter!