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How bizarre is it that this week is my 73rd instalment of Wonderful Wednesday and yesterday we celebrated my Grandad's 73rd birthday?! I guess it's also kind of sweet though!

Let's get to it...

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80's soul jams

I saw an advert for a new Ministry of Sound CD '80's Soul Jams' and knew I needed it for my car journeys to work.

Whilst I haven't found the actual album on Google Play yet, there is a playlist with some absolute bangers on it. ROSES ARE RED!


Can you call destroying sheds and trimming bushes 'gardening'? I guess you can! I helped my Mum and Grandad out with our garden on Saturday, it was my first time handling a rake and a pair of shears but I thoroughly enjoyed it!

I'd like to think that I'd be a bit green fingered when I'm older.

A chocolate frappe

We've had a Starbucks in our local cinema for a while now, and as me and G are now unlimited card holders, we've been going quite regularly. I was getting a little bored of sprite's and tango ice blasts, so on our recent cinema outing I opted for a chocolate frappe (cream based) instead. IT WAS HEAVEN IN A CUP!

Pub garden evenings

My family and I went to one of our local pubs yesterday, to celebrate my Grandad's birthday. I had been there before but never noticed they had such a lovely garden. Before our food, we sat outside, soaking up the last of the sun and it was gorgeous (albeit a little on the chilly side).

Tada! That's my little list of wonderful for this week. As always, the happy lists don't stop there, there's a whole team of wonder women* listing their best bits so far this week, so don't forget to check them out. If you want to join in yourself, share your #wonderfulwednesday moments with us on Twitter.