Blooming El



On Wednesday, it was mine and G's five year anniversary and in true #teamgel style, we spent it exploring another little corner of our country. This time round, it was Kent.

We arrived at the Crescent Turner Hotel in Whitstable on Tuesday evening, and whilst the bed was far too soft for our liking, our room was stunning. We were even upgraded to a sea view room, with a balcony! The perfect start to our few days of celebrations.

On Wednesday, we headed in to Canterbury to see what the historic town had to offer. We had a wander through Westgate Gardens, a quick nosey in the Cathedral, and a LOT of perusing in the cute gift shops. As it was such a lovely day, we decided to pop to Margate for the afternoon. We ate hot donuts by the sea, I thrashed G at air hockey, and picked up some bargain books from a charity shop.

Going on a little adventure with G and exploring another part of this world is one of the best things that we do together. However, it's not just our adventures over the past five years that I've loved, take a peek at some of our best bits below!

'I won!'

G was changing a note in to some coins at an arcade. When the coins came out, he shouted 'I won!'. I burst in to a fit of laughter, whilst the lady next to us looked a little scared and confused. 

Bat watching

When we were seeing each other, me and G used to go to the local lakes in the evening for a little stroll. One summer evening, we were laying on the grass, looking up at the sky and caught sight of a few bats flitting between the trees. 

Cosy Wednesdays

Before I went full-time in my job, I used to have Wednesdays off, and so did G. We used to spend the day watching films, eating snacks, or going for long walks. 

Ice creams in Budapest

Walking around Budapest city centre, in February when it was absolutely freezing, munching on a white Magnum each will remain one of my favourite memories. 

Tipsy in Rome

I think it was our first night in Rome when we ate at the Hard Rock Cafe. I hadn't had anything to eat but decided I fancied a cocktail. I'm not a big drinker and it's fair to say, that cocktail made me a lil' bit tipsy. Then the electrics went out in the kitchen and we had to wait for our food but it didn't matter, I had G, I was tipsy, and our waiter was fookin' hilarious. 

Sleepy phone calls

Before G moved in with me, we used to phone each other in the evening and would be up till two o'clock in the morning just chatting about life. I think these nights are some of my most treasured memories and as much as I love living with him, I do miss those cosy phone calls. 

Here's to the next five years. May there be more adventures, more snacks, and a lot more wonderful memories!