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In June, I whisked G away to Berlin for his birthday. I'd heard really good things about it and as G had never been to Germany, I thought it might be nice to spend a couple of nights in the city centre.

I have to say, I wasn't completely overwhelmed by Berlin. The city, although steeped in history, feels like it hasn't quite had its 'moment' yet. I think in a few years time, Berlin will find its buzz and more tourists will flee to the historical city centre long after the Christmas markets have closed.

However, I can always find (or at least I try to) the positives in an underwhelming situation and if you are a regular reader of Blooming El, you'll know that life is all about the small things. With that in mind, here are my top five best bits from our few nights in Germany's capital city...

1. Dinner at Burgermeister 

Step aside Five Guys, pack your bags Shake Shack, Burgermeister is in town and it is DELICIOUS.

If there was ever a reason to return to Berlin then Burgermeister would be it. Set underneath the train tracks in an old public toilet, it doesn't look a place where you should eat but it works. The setting may be bizarre and the seats may be uncomfortable but the burgers are just SO. DAMN. JUICY.

best burgers in berlin germany

burger restaurants berlin germany

2. East Side Gallery 

The East Side Gallery is probably one of the biggest tourist hot spots in Berlin and it's easy to see why. The murals are beautiful and thought provoking, I think my favourite is the world behind the smashed wall (which you can see below).

berlin wall art

east side gallery germany

berlin wall east side gallery

3. Spotting the TV Tower EVERYWHERE 

You cannot escape the Berlin TV Tower. Wherever you turn, it's there ready to greet you - popping out the top of a tree, sneaking its way over a building, or standing tall in the distance.

berlin germany

berlin tv tower

tv tower in berlin

4. Escaping the rain in Berliner Dom 

It might not be as beautiful as the Duomo in Florence but Berliner Dom is still pretty nice to look at. We didn't get the best weather whilst we were there and luckily, we were right outside the cathedral when it started raining. We popped inside to escape the rain and were graced with the most gorgeous sight.

berlin cathedral

berliner dom berlin

berliner dom behind hotel

inside berlin cathedral germany

berliner dom germany

berlin cathedral germany

5. Walking in the evening sun 

It was the most beautiful evening on our last night in Berlin and I really enjoyed our walk to Final Escape. The sky was slowly starting to get it's orange glow and friends were gathering outside local bars. You wouldn't have thought that we'd be spending the next hour locked in a pitch black room, trying to escape out of a human sized bird cage...

berlin in the evening

berlin city centre germany

berlin germany

Have you ever been to Berlin? What did you think of it?