Blooming El



I know we're meant to enjoy every ounce of sun we get but please can we just have some cool air?! A little breeze to help me sleep at night? I feel like a constant sticky, sweaty, hot mess and NOT in a good way. 

Anyhooo, shall we get on with the wonderful? You know, the stuff that has made this heat bearable and stopped me moaning about it for a minute or two...

wonderful wednesday blog post blooming el

Strawberry picking 

Have I got that right? That's the right term isn't it? 

Basically, I picked some strawberries on a fruit farm for the first time in forever and it was rather lovely. I swanned around with my basket, picking the best strawberries I could find, trying to dodge the wasps and bees. The little outing just confirmed how much I'd love to get in to gardening one day, oh and it meant I could indulge in chocolate covered strawberries which are probably one of the best fruit based snacks in the world, amiright?

Mucking around in the evening sun

On Sunday, Sian took me to a corn field to snap some portrait photos. I still don't know what I'm doing in terms of posing but I had fun with it anyway, being a bit silly, and just acting like a bit of a plonker really. The setting was beautiful and Sian was a fabulous photo snapper. 

Chub rub shorts

After a heads up from Vix on her Instagram stories, I dashed to Asos to find myself a pair of what I like to call chub rub shorts. I picked up a pair from Pretty Little Thing for a bargain price of £6 and boy have they been my saviour in this heat. No more rubbing, no more scars or sore spots, fandabbydosey! I bought a black pair but they appear to be out of stock now. However, I have found two alternatives, one in khaki and one in nude

A compliment from G

I made an effort with my makeup on Saturday and actually put some eyeliner on. I hardly ever use eyeliner, unless it's a special occasion, because it NEVER goes right. 

I managed to get a little flick on each eye and G told me that my make up looked 'on fleek'. I was a bit taken aback by his use of the term 'fleek' and asked him why, he then told me that my eyes looked even and well, I was one happy gally! If only I could replicate that look everyday...

School of Rock

I love going to the theatre, it's one of my favourite things to do but it can get quick expensive so I don't go that often. 

On Saturday, we bagged a couple of fairly cheap tickets to see School of Rock, a show that I'd wanted to see for a while, and it was SO GOOD. I always get really emotional whenever I go to the theatre or watch a dance show, I'm not really sure why but even when everyone on stage is having fun and it's a really happy scene, I just get a bit teary eyed! 

Well that is me done and dusted for another week. Don't forget to swing by the rest of the wonder women* to see what's made their happy list and if you fancy joining in yourself, share your #wonderfulwednesday moments with us on Twitter!

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