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IT'S COMING HOME LADS, IT'S COMING HOME. I don't think I've ever been so excited about football in my life. I really hope England get through to the final (look at me, pretending to know what I'm talking about...I actually don't have a clue, is it the final they go to if they win this match? Idk). 

I was planning on cooking a vegetable curry or something but now I think maybe fish and chips is the way forward. OMG CHIPS AND CURRY SAUCE, the perfect combo! Yes, fish and chips it is (and by fish, I mean a big fat jumbo sausage obvs). 

Now that dinner is sorted for tonight's big game, shall we get on with the wonderful?

wonderful wednesday blog posts

Swimming pool

G and I picked up a 9ft blow up pool at the weekend because it was HOT HOT HOT and OMG, best decision we've ever made. It was absolutely freezing the first time we got in but by the second day, once the sun had had a chance to warm it up a little and we'd topped it up with some warm water, it was delightful. 

A quick lunch fix 

I woke up yesterday and had a rummage through the cupboards and fridge to find something for lunch that I could take to work. I ummed and ahhed over jacket potatoes and jam sandwiches, until I spotted some pesto in the fridge. I boiled some pasta, cut up some tomatoes and cucumber, then bundled it all into a tupperware box with a heap of salad leaves and a dollop of pesto. It was yummy AF. 

Basking in the sun

After my little stint in the pool on Sunday afternoon, I popped my headphones on, sprayed on the factor 50, and basked in the afternoon sun. I then jumped back in the pool because the heat was far too much for me to handle, but for that short amount of time it felt like I was on holiday and it was pretty great tbh.  

Finishing ANOTHER book

I also managed to finish another book whilst laying in the sun. I feel like I'm getting back in to the swing of reading and have set myself a goal of reading another three books by the end of the month. 

However, I've just started The Greek Myths by Robert Graves and the introduction is SO heavy. I'm excited to actually delve in to the individual myths but there's so many of them, I might have to change my reading goal...

A successful first Twitter chat 

Holy s***, I never knew hosting a Twitter chat could be so EXHAUSTING. I was worried that people wouldn't join in but there were so many of you and it was lovely. I had my laptop and phone on the go, tweeting off of the chat account and my personal one, trying to reply to as many of you as I could. It was an experience and one I can't wait to do all over again this Sunday! 

If you didn't join in last week and want to get involved, @mixedbagchat takes place every Sunday at 6pm. Everyone is welcome!

Aaaaaaaaaand, that's it. My wonderful Wednesday list is well and truly complete! I'm not the only gal taking note of the little happy things, check in on the rest of the wonder women* to see what's made their list of wonderful this week AND if you feel like joining in yourself, share your #wonderfulwednesday moments with us on Twitter!

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