Blooming El



In the words of Rizzle Kicks (wow, what a blast from the past), let's skip to the good bit...

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A Sunday stroll

As much as I hate the hot weather, I've been trying to go out in the sun as much as possible and make the most of this heatwave we're having. On Sunday afternoon, I went for a little stroll around our local lakes. My feet were battered by the time I'd got home, because I'd stupidly worn sandals, but it was a nice way to finish off the weekend.

Exercising again

I finally returned to the gym and my weekly PT sessions with my work colleagues. I felt sick, out of breath, and my aching thighs have me wobbling down the stairs but it's good to be exercising again. Going to the gym was my 'saviour' for a while. If I felt angry or a little low, I'd use the treadmill or bike for half an hour and it'd make me feel so much better. 

Marble cake

You know when you just need *something* to curb your sugary cravings and make you feel better? Well this week, marble cake has done the trick.

Little achievements

I finally braved the cinema by myself and it was fine, there was no need for me to be so worried!

I grabbed a pineapple iced tea and croissant from Starbucks, then settled in to watch an early morning showing of Adrift. I didn't expect much but the film was actually really good. I'm looking forward to going on more solo trips to the cinema and watching all the films that G doesn't want to see aha.

Cooler evenings 

I actually slept with the covers on last night and me and G even had a little cuddle whilst watching Love Island. I'm hoping we have a few more mild evenings because I feel like I need all the comfortable sleep I can get at the moment.  

Another week of wonderful done and dusted! As always, don't forget to pop by the rest of the wonder women* to see what's made their top list this week. If you fancy joining in yourself, share your #wonderfulwednesday moments with us on Twitter!