Blooming El



EVERYTHING HURTS GUYS. My butt cheeks, my shoulders, my arms. I had the worst night sleep so far this week because of the aches and pains (oh and the fact we're currently living in a sauna). Whoever said personal training in the summer would be a good idea clearly lied.

HOWEVER, I'm sticking my positivity hat on and making a note of the teeny tiny things that have made this week not too shabby. Shall we?

weekly gratitude list

Menial tasks

There's something quite therapeutic about washing up or hanging clothes out to dry. I've really enjoyed doing these menial tasks lately, it takes me away from my screen for a few minutes and just allows me to let my mind wander a little.

All hail the tower fan

This heatwave is getting boring now, it's way too hot to function. I can't sleep, I can't work properly, the only thing saving me is a tower fan and I'm so bloody grateful that I have one.

The Crystal Maze


Yesterday, I went to the Crystal Maze in London with the girls from work and it was SO much fun. I haven't actually ever seen a full episode of the original Crystal Maze, only snippets of it on YouTube, so I wasn't really sure what to expect. I had so much fun and even bagged a crystal!

A beautiful sunset

On the way home from London, I witnessed the most beautiful sunset. The sky went from blue, to pink, to orange and it was just lovely!

My Goodreads Goal 

I joined Goodreads at the end of last year to track all the books from my advent calendar. I opened the app this week to find that I was halfway through my reading goal! Whilst some of you will be setting yourself 60, 80, 100 books to read, I set a goal of 24, which is technically two books a month and I *think* I could be on track to achieve it, woop!

That's me done for the week! Don't forget to check what's made the rest of the wonder women* happy this week, and if you fancy joining in yourself, share your #wonderfulwednesday moments with us on Twitter!