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I'm surprised I'm even managing to type this. I've just come back from a personal training session, in which I tried to flip a tyre, failed miserably and caught a nail. Luckily, it was acrylic but it still really hurt. I've only had them on for two weeks but I've already contacted the salon to get them removed. They're really lovely but they're just not practical aha, back to nail varnish it is! 

Nail injuries aside, it's time for another #wonderfulwednesday instalment...

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This is probably the lamest thing I've ever celebrated on a wonderful Wednesday post, is this what adulthood is like? 

We finally bought a shredder for work and I had an absolute hoot shredding files that we no longer needed. Honestly guys, it's just so satisfying! I'll book my blue rinse for tomorrow...

Saturn peaches 

I'm not really a fruit lover, I much prefer vegetables. However, my Mum picked up some saturn peaches and THEY ARE SO JUICY. 

I got some more from the Bury St Edmunds market on Saturday but I am yet to tuck in to them. 

Cosy Autumn feels

I'm not complaining, I'm loving the dip in temperature and the cloudy, moody days we've had recently. I actually wore ankle boots the other day, ANKLE BOOTS. It just gets me all sorts of excited for Autumn - baggy jumpers, blankets, movie marathons, and crunchy leaves. YAAAAAS!

An impromptu evening

On Saturday evening, myself and G joined my Dad, step-Mum, and some of their friends for a little drink. It was nice to catch up and hang out somewhere a little different. G and I ended the evening with a Domino's and I enjoyed every last bite of it!

Homemade shortbread 

Me and G stayed in Bury St Edmunds on Friday night, we chose The Northgate and well it did not disappoint, I'll definitely be writing up a little review on it soon! 

The hotel room was gorgeous but the homemade shortbread...OH MY. It was so buttery and crumbly and just UH, I really want to taste it all over again. If only every hotel left you a big chunk of homemade shortbread in your room...

Ta-da! That's this week's #wonderfulwednesday complete. Don't forget to swing by the rest of the wonder women* and if you fancy joining in yourself, share your #wonderfulwednesday moments with us on Twitter!

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