Blooming El



My name is Eleanor but I'm also known as El, Eles, Elzbellz, and Mole. I live in Hertfordshire with my partner G and spend most of my time dreaming about our next adventure.

Blooming El was born out of boredom and a need to fuel my creativity, to get inspired, and inspire others. I don't have a 'niche', this blog is a bit of a mixed bag, a collection of stories and snippets from my life. You'll find some travel, some daily gratitude, some thought and opinion pieces, and general life updates.

Oh and awesome pictures like the ones below, taken by the truly wonderful Kaye.

Like all good humans in the world, I love a list. So here's one full of facts about lil' ol me...

  • I spend far too much money on notebooks and rarely use them
  • I love travelling and discovering new places to conceive food babies
  • I have a bookshelf which is home to an uncountable number of unread books, yet I still buy more (send suggestions my way please!)
  • I hate tea and coffee (well apart from green tea)
  • My favourite colour is blue
  • If I could only watch one film for the rest of my life, it would definitely be Sliding Doors
  • I'm actually quite shy in real life and get paranoid about EVERYTHING
  • I have a varied taste in music and could listen to pretty much anything
  • I love garden centres but hate gardening 
  • I sometimes eat chocolate for breakfast
  • When I was younger, my dream job was to work in Tesco on the tills 
  • I'm an Android gal
  • I much prefer Autumn/Winter (ankle boots and chunky jumpers, come at me)
  • One time, I visited a museum and stroked a woman's dress, thinking it was a mannequin. I then got really scared when I saw her moving around the room

I think that's enough information for now. If you haven't finished being nosey, you can read this post which, just to let you know, I wrote BEFORE The Greatest Showman and will now forever regret the title. If you like what you see on Blooming El, you can hunt me down on Twitter or Instagram, I'm always up for making a friend...or five!