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The Small Print


All photos posted on my blog are my own, unless stated otherwise. If I have used an image from the internet, I will caption it with the word 'source' - this will be linked to the original hosting site of the image.

Unfortunately, I cannot stop you from taking my images. If you do wish to use one of my images, please ask me first and directly link it back to my blog. If I have used one of your images and you wish for me to take it down, please do not hesitate to contact me. I do not want to upset anybody and will respectfully take it down as soon as possible.


My blog is very personal and I express a lot of my own opinions on here. I do not write to upset or offend anyone. If you do find something on my blog that is offensive to you, please accept my apology. If you wish to contact me regarding the content of one of my blog posts, you can do so via my Contact page. 

I put a lot of effort in to the content of my blog and I like to think I have my very own writing style. I ask you to respect this and do not take anything from here without asking me first. Thank you.


All gifted items and PR samples will be marked with an asterisk (*). I will only accept products which I feel I will genuinely use. When reviewing the product, I will be completely honest. However, just because I like/dislike something, doesn't mean you will too. Therefore, I ask you to test the product for yourself so you can form your own opinions of it.